ok, i’m so fucking irritated with all those cock-sucking reviews and swatches and bloody descriptions of OOC matte lip tar shade named stalker as “blue fucking based red” when it’s fucking hot pink!!!! AGHHH!!!!! this is fucking disgusting!!!!

also, as much as it is an ok product it is so not worth 20 bucks. like at all. yeah, i’m gonna use it and bla bla but whatever.

i guess finding some decent gutsxgriffith art is too fucking much to ask for

i guess finding some decent gutsxgriffith art is too fucking much to ask for

soooo…..i was sitting at home. finishing watching old berserk series. (which has a crappy ending btw, i’m wondering if new series are just as bad). and i though even hey, i should go jogging before sleep, but then i decided i should eat. LOL? and i ate a lil and was feeling tad bit miserable and then karen actually called. he said that dr b is going to work out and if i should come, too. he was actually already drunk. so we met up, had a work out session, karen threw up, was his usual obnoxious self, or maybe even more than usual. i think. we went to my place, had some to eat then karen practically passed out so dr b and i went for a walk. karen then was very annoying when we woke him and said all kind of shit. strangely i don’t feel that irritated as i usually do after meeting up with dr b and his bullshit art. well…..i told him to shut up more than usual so maybe that’s why. karen told me lots of complements, starting from that i look good, to ur tits and ass are the best or something chav like you’re a priestess of cunt (we used to date and fuck around, ha).

i don’t really know how my back is going to handle this session as i’m not sure it had recovered completely. i certainly hope it’s gonna be ok. so far i have good impression on taking high dose of niacinamide, i think it really does what people say it does on iherb. including weight loss. or, maybe, in my case - just some slimming down, idk. i most certainly hope it’s gonna continue doing such a great job.

i also think i’m growing to be comfortable with my hair down. hopefully. it feels nice even. and on a walk during a summer night it warms my ears, lol. it’s half past three at night and i don’t want to go to sleep. but i probably should. idk, i just don’t have stuff to dream about before sleeping, i guess. there’s no romance in the air.

last cpl of days three guys i slept with texted me but i frankly wanted nothing to do with them. it’s just fucking strange. i don’t really like new earphones, but i guess i’ll postpone buying better ones till i get a job. so then if i’ll be able to afford new ones i will have a decent pair for a change when better one die. ha. kinda cool.

saw some twitter updates of yowapeda but nothing seemed good enough for a repost. eh.

ok, time to go to bed, i guess.


that manga about the fujoshi

so she’s like


and then this guy wants her to like him so he goes


can i have a bf like that? and a name of the manga would’ve been nice, too

payback time!

i’m now watching old berserk series and comprehending that nothing makes me happier than gay innuendo in an anime

i srsly cannot comprehend why ppl are so fucking uptight about posting art even when source is properly stated. like srsly, all this pixiv shit? come on, the site itself sucks cock, and btw i dont fucking know japanese!!!! sure i wouldn’t have minded knowing it but i don’t. i don’t live in japan or anywhere near asia. i don’t live in states. there’s no fucking way your stuff is gonna be licensed in my country. so shut the fuck up. stop taking away the shit that puts a genuine smile to people’s faces. that’s fucked up.

that’s basically me btw